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I loved this outdoor Spring Portrait session.  These boys were so incredibly polite and fun to work with, and their playful, brotherly bond was on full display. They talked, laughed and goofed around just like brothers do. You could tell the boys were not only close with their parents, but also with each other.

We lucked out and had the most gorgeous spring day for their family portraits. The sun was shining, and there was a perfect warm breeze. We decide to meet at a local outdoor park and found many locations that were perfect for their session.

Want to know something great about this family portrait session?

It was short and sweet; definitely less than an hour, maybe even 45 minutes. A lot of times not everyone (uhhhh…Dad) is on board and excited about family pictures. They think it’s going to be long, boring and stressful. Well, that does not have to be the case. I work very hard to make sure portrait sessions with Robyn Osten Photography are no longer than they need to be, everyone has fun, and we get a great variety of images.

Are you ready for family portraits?

When is the last time you were IN the pictures with your children? If you’d like to schedule a session or consultation, we would love to talk to you!

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I am Robyn Osten, a portrait and wedding photographer located in Baltimore, MD. I am a Maryland transplant, born and raised in the midwest, and absolutely love life on the East Coast! It's so different here, and completely as charming as I always dreamt it would be!

When I'm not photographing a beautiful, elegant east coast wedding, or stunning Maryland maternity, newborn, baby, child, or family session, I can be found drinking coffee or wine(in no particular order), hanging out with my family or traveling! Fun fact...I'm probably the least competitive person you'll meet, except for playing Yahtzee! :) I can throw some meannnnn dice!

I always say I have the best job, and I'm always so incredibly honored each time someone asks me to document their life! Creating imagery that will be used share their stories for generations to come is such a privilege!


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