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Have you seen THIS article going around?

This top 10 list of the most treasured keepsakes we can pass along to our children, our family heirlooms, is an easy read! For me, it really hits home. It was five years ago last week that we lost my dad. This article reminded me of the important treasures I have from my father, and the important family heirlooms that keep him close!

Thankfully I have many family heirlooms from this list!!!

We have my grandmother’s china that we still use once or twice a year. All my report cards are stuffed in bin, a reminder of my elementary days. Dad’s brown plaid blazer that he wore in the 40’s or 50’s hangs in my closet.The pearls my father gave my mother on their wedding day, a true treasure from the day our family began, are safely stored.

However, the most important items I have…. my most treasured family heirlooms, are my parent’s wedding album, photos from my childhood, and photos of my children.

When I was growing up, we had these blue, red and green photo albums that were sitting out in our family room. I remember looking at those albums over and over and over again… even as a child. I LOVED to look at the images, a mixture of life snapshots and professional images; my brother and I playing with the new puppy, Easter morning in front of our home, our family portrait with me sitting in my mother’s lap in a green smocked dress. If these prints and albums were important to me then, when I was 8 or 15, can you imagine how priceless they are now?

I now have framed prints all over my house. I have beautiful, visible reminders of precious days from long ago! My mom’s wedding portrait, a day my dad went fishing with my children, a day my youngest wasn’t feeling well, but looked so beautiful and angelic!


Files aren’t enough! CDs aren’t enough. Jump drives aren’t enough. PRINT YOUR PICTURES! Print your personal pictures, print your professional pictures, print them all. When your children or grandchildren ask to see a picture from your wedding, or your life, what are you going to show them?

TAKE pictures of your family. BE in pictures with your family! PRINT pictures of your family. Those are the real family heirlooms! The true treasures.

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