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Something Old, Something New – Baltimore Maternity Photograher

As most you know, I no longer have my photography studio. In St. Louis, I had the most adorable, small, quaint, beautiful studio. I loved it SO VERY much! It had beautiful wood floors, amazing furniture, and it was located in the cutest little shopping courtyard! It truly could not have been more perfect. ¬†Opening…

Something New | Georgetown Wedding Photographer

For as long as I can remember, I have been crazy about weddings. I honestly think mine was completely planned before we ever got engaged. I was not a bridezilla, but I had the full planning binder with tabs, every bride magazine, all of it. (Unfortunately, there was no pinterest when we got married.) But…

Oh Hey!! Thanks for Stopping by!

I am Robyn Osten, a portrait and wedding photographer located in Baltimore, MD. I am a Maryland transplant, born and raised in the midwest, and absolutely love life on the East Coast! It's so different here, and completely as charming as I always dreamt it would be!

When I'm not photographing a beautiful, elegant east coast wedding, or stunning Maryland maternity, newborn, baby, child, or family session, I can be found drinking coffee or wine(in no particular order), hanging out with my family or traveling! Fun fact...I'm probably the least competitive person you'll meet, except for playing Yahtzee! :) I can throw some meannnnn dice!

I always say I have the best job, and I'm always so incredibly honored each time someone asks me to document their life! Creating imagery that will be used share their stories for generations to come is such a privilege!


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